Our Heritage

Ever since PETROFER formed in 1948 in the North German city of Hildesheim, this privately owned company has set a major goal for itself: to be the best in creating technological progress with process fluids. Combining tradition and vision, the company relies on its innovation, quality, expertise and employee dedication. The final product and our customer satisfaction represent the aspiration that PETROFER stands for.

Today, just like back then, PETROFER is committed to continuous improvement and technical advancement. PETROFER is growing steadily, and is represented all around the globe through subsidiaries, joint ventures and licensees in 42 countries. Our research & development sets international innovative benchmarks and quality standards utilising our unique know-how.

The Petrofer Worldwide Timeline

1948 – Foundation of the company in Hanover

1956 – Relocation and plant opening in Hildesheim

1974 – Petrofer Austria

1991 – Japanese licensee

1992 – Petrofer Switzerland, Benelux and Hong Kong

1993 – Petrofer UK

1994 – Petrofer South Africa, Poland, Shanghai and Indonesia licensee

1995 – Petrofer SARL France, Turkey and Bulgaria

1997 – Petrofer Italia Srl

2000 – US America licensee

2003 – Petrofer Latinoamerica – na S.A de C.V Mexico

2005 – Petrocare Co. Ltd Shanghai Hardcastle Petrofer P.V.T. Ltd Indien (Joint Venture)

2007 – Thailand licensee

2010 – Argentina licensee

2011 – New Plant Petrofer South Africa

2013 – New Plant Mexico Foundation of J V Petrofer do Brazil

2015 – Brazil

2016 – New Global Technology Centre in Hildesheim

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