Metal Forming

The range of products for metal forming operations includes neat oils, emulsions, dispersions and synthetic products. Our products are custom developed to meet all requirements of metal forming processes, thus guaranteeing the user the highest productivity and quality. The range covers: punching, piercing, forming, tube and wire, cold forming and evaporating stamping oils.

Emulsions, neat oils, pastes and synthetic lubricants for wire and profile drawing of copper, copper alloys, steel cord and stainless steel.

High performance neat oils and drawing compounds for wire drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Dispersions, multi-functional neat oils as well as traditional extrusion lubricants for cold- and warm-forming operations on various materials. HT-series is suitable for forming operations on pre-heated materials.

Low to medium viscosity, odourless drawing oils, self-evaporating and thermal degreasing types; also used for stamping and profiling. Suitable for micro-lubrication.

Medium to high viscosity punching and deep drawing neat oils, as well as waterbased pastes, solutions, emulsions and dispersions for a broad range of applications, e.g. for fine-blanking of clutch plates or for deep drawing of stainless steel flanges. Partly suitable for micro-lubrication.

High performance lubricants and additives for various cold- and hot-rolling operations, e.g. cold rolling neat oils for roll-forming of sections and seam-welded tubes as well as hot-rolling emulsions for aluminium on continuous casting mills.

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