Industrial Cleaners

PETROFER has a wide range of industrial washing fluids for almost all cleaning requirements.  Our cleaning fluid range has been developed through extensive research in our own technology centre. As well, we rigorously test our fluids in industrial parts washing equipment used by our customer base.      

We've provided our clients with a range of industrial parts washing solutions. This includes:

  • Providing fluids suitable for high pressure or ultrasonic applications, 
  • Providing cleaners that approved for the field of robotics
  • Providing multi-metal compatible formulas
  • Removal of formaldehyde biocide

PETROFER's neutral, alkaline and hydrocarbon cleaners boast long service life with low maintenance. We also ensure environmental and occupational safety requirements are met. We can offer a foam free solution for cleaning metallic or non-metallic surfaces in all water based washing operations. This is regardless of the operating temperature or water quality. 

The world of cleaners has moved on from the solvents and highly alkaline formulations of the past. With new innovations our hydocarbon cleaners can now be used for longer, at lower temperature. They even be carried forward into the cutting process. These products deliver increased efficiency that leads to more sustainable and profitable practices.

Industrial parts washing is essential to many industries, so using cost-effective and high quality parts degreasers is vital.

Our neutral cleaner range ensures efficient parts cleaning in both inter-stage and final wash systems. This range includes products for cleaning both metal and non-metal surfaces. This includes yellow metals and aluminium.  Our neutral parts degreasers offer outstanding oil separation, ensuring cleaning effectiveness for longer. Neutral cleaners are the fluid of choice for the heat treatment process. 

Our alkaline cleaners are ideal for high cleanliness or difficult to remove contaminants. They're excellent for use in wash systems before galvanizing or painting. We'd also recommend them for removing lapping compounds, drawing oils, pigments or pastes. This product range is most suited for ferrous materials cleaned in washing applications with temperatures between 50 – 90°C. 

Our hydrocarbon cleaners are odourless and do not contain any chlorine, fluorine or aromatic compounds.  Our range offers a safer  workplace alternative to traditional halogen-hydrocarbon based solvents. They're also much better for the environment. These do not contain chlorine, flourine, or aromatic compounds. Our hydrocarbon cleaning fluids are suitable for both vapor degreasing operations and parts soaking applications. 

Our specialised cleaning fluid product range spans from emulsion cleaning fluids for extended parts corrosion protection to acid based products for removal of water lime scale. We are also able to offer many of our Neutral and Alkaline cleaning fluids in cold water cleaning variants. This improves energy efficiency and reduces production costs. There are also a range of additives to customise the process as required - just get in touch. 

Total Cost Reduction

Forget the days of needing to buy multiple fluids for different cleaning processes – our range of versatile cleaners can be used for them all. From spraying to high pressure cleaning, immersion to ultrasonic applications, our cleaners save you the cost of buying extra products. Our range is also suitable for a wide variety of metals, materials, and equipment, meaning it can be used across the whole production line.


More Efficient and Reliable Formulations

Our industrial cleaners have excellent demulsifying properties, particularly when used on hardening and cutting oils. This keeps the wash plant in good working condition for longer, effectively reducing maintenance downtime. In most cases after use, ultra-filtration is possible, meaning cleaners can be reused again and again. Our range of neutral cleaners also avoids diffusing inhibiting layers, making it ideal for use in the heat treatment process as both a pre- and intermediate cleaner.


Increased Eco-Friendliness

The reusability of some our cleaner lines means less waste is produced overall. For our other ranges, extended service life means less disposal volumes of wastewater. We’ve also moved away more harmful cleaning fluids, and have formaldehyde, boron, silicate, and nitrite-free cleaners available.

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