Heat Treatment Chemicals

Modern heat-treatment processes are constantly making new demands on quenching fluids. PETROFER’s development program ensures that our product range is more than capable of meeting new industry advances. We are constantly screening new materials suitability, and our existing product range is continually reviewed to ensure that the best available technology is used.

Our customer partnership approach in Heat Treatment has helped our customers with:

  • increased profitability
  • process efficiency
  • operation simplification
  • energy saving and environmental acceptance

Petrofer’s product range for heat treatment provides our customers with a complete portfolio for the whole range of heat-treatment processes.


Petrofer manufacture every type of quenching oil, from simple heat treatment oils for hardening high alloyed steels all the way through to accelerated quenching oils for achieving maximum hardness depth in low alloyed or plain carbon steels.

We also have water washable versions of almost all of our heat treatment oils available as well as specialist synthetic (mineral oil free) biodegradable quenching and tempering fluids.

All of our quenchents share a common trait, they are manufactured with the best quality additives to ensure low oxidisation, (best resistance to ageing) and minimal evaporation.


Normal speed quenching oils for hardening high alloyed steels.


High-speed, low-viscosity quenching oils normally used in open quench tanks for hardening of fasteners, springs, die-forged parts, bar and sections.


This product range has been specifically designed for sealed integral quench furnaces and is particularly useful for quenching from continuous belt furnaces.


Hot quenching oils with outstanding oxidation resistance. Used widely for hardening of automotive transmission components, large gears and many other parts which are susceptible to distortion.


Our vacuum quench oils have been developed in collaboration with manufacturers of vacuum furnace equipment to ensure that they deliver suitable vacuum conditions and spotlessly clean parts. All of our vacuum quench oils exhibit an extremely high degree of purity, have low gas absorption capacity and rapid degassing capability.



Innovative water-based and conventional solvent-based protective paints for protection of parts from many heat treatment processes. Our range includes products for protection from gas carburising, gas nitriding, plasma nitriding, vacuum heat treatment processes and brazing.

After treatment is completed residues of the protective pastes are removed easily following treatment: either in aqueous cleaning solutions or mechanically.


With the rising need for more sustainable practices, polymer quenchants are the way to go. These fluids retain all the benefits of neat oils, with the added advantages of being more versatile, user-friendly, and cleaner. Petrofer were the pioneer of polymer quenching technology, originally developed to provide controlled and safe quenching, which bridged the gap between properties achievable with accelerated quench oils and water quenching. Mixed polymer quenchants have no fire risk and in certain heat treatment processes our products are able to replace accelerated quenching oils.

In recent years Petrofer have further developed the polymer quenchants range to include products which are free from boron and formaldehyde releasing biocides.


Developed for safe quenching in induction and flame-hardening processes.  Aquatensid products are extremely versatile and are also used for many tank-quenching applications for parts that are sensitive to cracking in water quench.

Aquatensid D is used for aluminium heat treatment and provides low distortion cooling of aluminium alloy components after solution annealing.


Aquacool products are often used where a high concentration of Aquatensid would have been required to give the desired heat treatment properties. Typically, this would include induction hardening or tank quenching of high alloyed steels.


Feroquench products provide accelerated quench oil-like cooling characteristics for crack-free cooling of high hardenability steels. Feroquench is successfully used in many large open quench baths and eliminates fire risk and fumes. It is also suitable for hollow, long and complex shaped components.  


Heat Treatment Salts have been manufactured by Petrofer for decades and we are now one of the few remaining companies globally that still offer a wide range of products to suit most salt bath heat treatment processes.  Salt baths have many advantages including: cost effective treatment, low distortion, uniform temperature distribution and short treatment times. Our product range includes salts for hardening, quenching, austempering, carburising, heat transfer and rubber vulcanisation.


Salt Baths for quench and tempering, martempering annealing and austempering.


Salt Baths available in working temperature ranges from 680 – 1100°C, used in conjunction with a rectifier (NEUTROSAL) to prevent decarburisation for case hardening and pre-heating of quench and temper steels.


High temperature salts for the hardening of high speed and tool steels. Sinoxal salt baths are easy to maintain and have exceptional protection against decarburisation.


Marquenching and tempering salts for high-speed steels and tool steels.



Stable, one-salt carburising baths, easy to operate and particularly economical.


Petrofer are the UK agents for Delamin cyanide free Salt Bath Nitrocarburising (SBN) products. The nitriding salt, Delnite is used in conjunction with a regenerator Delgen and offers a high quality cost effective alternative salt bath nitriding (Ferritic Nitrocarburising) process. Petrofer are suppliers of high quality quench salt often used after nitriding giving the quenched parts a high quality corrosion resistant black finish. 



Hot chemical blackening salts are mixed with water for cost effective blackening of iron and steel components. Normally operating at temperatures around 150°C, Petrofer’s products are highly efficient and can often eliminate the need for 2 consecutive blackening tanks.



Nitrite-free and nitrite-containing salts used in rubber vulcanisation baths and other heat transfer processes including solar energy conservation.  High quality products ensure low melt temperatures and molten viscosities for efficient heat transfer process.



Total Cost Reduction

Our heat treatment chemicals are formulated to have exceptionally long system lives. All chemicals change over time and lose their effectiveness, but when it comes to ageing resistance, PETROFER’s range excels. The longevity of our products means less time is spent emptying, cleaning, and refilling systems, which reduces downtime and saves money. Using highly-refined quenching oils also results in less sludge, meaning the system stays cleaner for longer. Our polymer quenchants on the other hand have an extended service life with reduced need for additives, meaning you won’t need to clean as often.


More Efficient and Reliable Formulations

Our quenchants produce consistent results no matter the metal. From high alloyed steels all the way through to plain carbon steels, we have suitable products for all. We’ve formulated our range for excellent cooling properties and controlled temperature removal, ensuring no high thermal stresses and less distortion. Reducing dimensional changes also means less reworking time, leading to a more efficient process overall.


Increased Eco-Friendliness

You’ll find our quenching range produces less smoke and reduced fume emissions compared to many other products. We’ve formulated our heat treatment chemicals to have high evaporation resistance and low gas absorption rates. Our water-based polymer quenchants also use non-toxic formulations and pose no fire risk, for a safer work environment.

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