Metalworking Fluids & Cutting Oils

For more than 60 years we have been researching and producing cutting fluids, to improve tool life, metalworking efficiency, surface finish, rust prevention and fluid life. Our developments have created a safer working environment for users, reducing bacterial attack, skin sensitivity, smoke and fumes. Our coolants are classified into water soluble (EMULCUT and ISOPAL) and neat oil (SUPERFIN and ISOCUT). Water soluable cutting oils provide a more sustainable alternative, and are frequently used in the aerospace manufacturing process. The EMULCUT 160 in partiuclar ensures an excellent buffer system and therefore an exceptionally long service life. Neat cutting lubricants combine low viscosity base oils and selected additives to achieve excellent performance. We can modify formulations in this range to cover specific requirements for fliterabilitiy, flash point, yellow metal sensitivity, and visoscity. 

Metalworking Fluids, mineral oil containing


Long-term stable, emulsifiable, multi-purpose grinding oils with excellent anti-corrosion properties and high performance. Depending on product selection, suitable for general machining, grinding and heavy duty operations. Specifically tailored metalworking fluids for aluminium alloys, steel, cast iron, titanium alloys and other difficult alloys machining with high ester content to achieve outstanding surface qualities.

Coolants, mineral oil free


Long-term stable, mineral oil free, water soluble cutting fluids for general machining and grinding operations on ferrous and partially non-ferrous metals.

Grinding Fluids, mineral oil free


Long-term stable, mineral oil free, water soluble metalworking fluids with excellent wetting and rinsing properties for most grinding processes.


Universal cutting oils and high performance grinding oils.


Honing and lapping oils with excellent filtration and rinsing characteristics for optimum surface quality with high cutting loads. Suitable with diamond, corundum, CBN, and other honing tools for working with steel, cast (malleable iron), non-ferrous and light metals as well as chrome-plated surfaces. As well as the viscosity, the product range is formulated with respect to reduction of honing debris, ageing-resistance and prevention of oil mist production. The oils are available with sulphur deactivators and cobalt inhibitors.


High performance concentrates, electrical discharge machining oils.

Total Cost Reduction

We’ve specially formulated our cutting fluids for increased longevity of both the system and tooling. Compared to other industrial emulsions, our products remain consistent for much longer, meaning less time and money is spent cleaning and refilling machinery. Our cutting oils are also manufactured to create less drag-out and debris, resulting in less waste and cleaning time overall.


More Efficient and Reliable Formulations

Our cutting lubricants boast excellent cooling properties, effectively reducing the thermal load on both the tool and workpiece. This results in an outstanding increase in tool life and excellent surface qualities for the final product. We’ve also made sure our products are suitable for a range of water hardnesses, so that no extra additives need to be used.


Environmental and Personal Benefits

Our metalworking fluids achieve high stability and effectiveness without the use of biocides and additives. This helps reduce production costs, as well as creating a safer work environment with less smoke and fumes. We’ve tested many of our products for skin sensitivity to further increase usability.

We’ve also been making the move to using more sustainable raw materials and produce a high performance range of water-soluble ester-based cutting oils. This avoids the use of mineral oils altogether.

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