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Cutting, cleaning, and hardening materials are fundamental processes across industry. Using the right approach is key, but many manufacturers still rely on old fashioned and unsustainable fluids and technologies. These methods simply can’t hold up to the new challenges facing industry. The developing areas of e-mobility, energy reclamation, and wind energy are bringing new demands to the forefront which need addressing.

This guide will help you understand the latest technologies that meet these challenges. We also want to highlight the synergistic link between these processes. Each of these stages directly feeds into the next, so using the right fluids can save precious time and cut down on costs.

The latest fluids have been formulated to:

  • Improve effectiveness and surface finish
  • Reduce disposal costs and maintenance downtime
  • Move towards sustainable practices

Check out the videos below to hear Stuart expand on each process further.

Cutting Fluids

As Stuart describes, the range of cutting fluids has greatly increased to include more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly products. From new synthetic emulsions, to synthetics with added lubricity, the range covers all metalworking requirements. View the range here.

Industrial Cleaners

The world of cleaners has moved on from the solvents and highly alkaline formulations of the past. With new innovations in water-dilutable cleaners, the products can now be used for longer, at lower temperatures, or even be carried forward into the cutting process. These products deliver an increased efficiency that leads to more sustainable and profitable practices. Learn more here.

Heat Treatment Fluids

With the rising need for more sustainable practices, polymer quenchants are the way to go. These fluids retain all the benefits of neat oils, with the added advantages of being more versatile, user-friendly, and cleaner. To see the full heat treatment range, click here.

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