Leek Photographic Club Exhibition

Explore the talent and creativity of Leek Photographic Club’s members in this exciting exhibition of 65 photographic prints.

The photographs cover a diverse range including natural history, landscape, close-up, portraiture, street photography and fine art. This is a powerful exhibition that demonstrates the breadth of contemporary image-making and storytelling by local photographers.

Date: 12th August – 16th September 2023

Venue: The Nicholson Museum & Art Gallery, Leek, ST13 6DW


Petrofer extends a warm welcome to anyone who would like to attend. Managing Director, Stuart Gregory, will be opening the exhibition with a speech at 10.00am on Saturday 12th August.

The photographs from the exhibition are also included in a book that will be available to purchase at the exhibition, or using the following link:


We, at Petrofer, are honoured to introduce this remarkable book showcasing the talent of Leek Photographic Club's members. As the proud sponsor of the exhibition held at the Nicholson Gallery in Leek, we have witnessed firsthand the immense creativity and passion that went into capturing these photographs.

We believe in the power of the arts to inspire, uplift, and bring communities together. Supporting Leek Photographic Club's exhibition aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering creativity and celebrating the incredible talent within our local community.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Leek Photographic Club and its members for their dedication and exceptional contributions. This collection shows that great photographs can be taken with quite modest equipment (indeed, some of the photographs are taken with mobile phones). It is not expensive gear but the skilful craftsmanship and unique perspectives of the photographers that bring these photographs to life. Capturing great images is within the reach of everyone these days: you just need to seek out the extraordinary moments hidden in the everyday.

On behalf of Petrofer, both globally and locally, we congratulate Leek Photographic Club on the exhibition and the publication of this book. We are honoured to have been a part of this artistic endeavour, and we hope that you, the readers and viewers, will find inspiration and joy within these pages.


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