March Charity Contribution

When our Technical Sales Representative was asked which charity he would choose to donate to we received this email from him!

Without a shadow of a doubt - The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

When Isabella Rose (Izzy – My daughter) was 3 months old she was poorly and we could not get her in to our Doctors as they had no appointments.  Linda then took her down to Boots Chemist as she is aware they can give medical advise.  The lady doctor on duty advised us, that due to Izzy’s age we will be better taking her straight down to A&E and have them look at her.  The doctor in A&E who saw us explained he thought its probably a water infection but due to her very young age he would like to perform a lumber puncture to make sure this is the case.  After the lumber puncture which was absolutely horrible (we took the doctors advise not to go in with her as we will remember this forever as its not nice and Izzy will not, we went over the road to Costa Coffee and I will never forget sat in tears outside listening to her screams.)  After the test they told us they want to keep her in overnight to ensure she is ok while they get the results.  A couple of hours later after I had left Izzy and Linda at the Childrens Hospital I received a phone call to go back immediately.  The tests had shown that Izzy had Meningitis.  This was the start of the worst 4 days of my life watching my 12 week old daughter get more and more poorly every hour.

In total we spent 10 nights with Izzy in the Children’s Hospital,  and I feel that without the care they provided she would not have pulled through.  The staff were all absolutely amazing!  The doctor in A&E who originally thought it was a water infection was brilliant, at the start and end of his shift every day he would visit and check up on us.  The nurses couldn’t do enough for us as parents or for the care Izzy received.  They even brought us pizza on a few occasions from the local takeaway to ensure we ate.

The aftercare we received was also of the same standard, Izzy had checks every 12 months to ensure that the virus had not affected her mentally or physically.  She finally had the all clear 14 years later and thankfully has no side effects.

So as a result, I am deeply indebted to The Sheffield Children’s Hospital and at every available opportunity I donate whenever I can to this fantastic cause, which is not only for the people of Sheffield but a major contributor to specialist care and medical research to the UK and the World!!!


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