Petrofer Trophy for picture of the year 2024

33 images were reviewed by 28 people, including votes from outside the UK. These were all Petrofer employees and their friends and family. Amongst the judges were 2 skilled amateur photographers, a student at a photographic college and a Petrofer employee with a degree in film and photography, so some expert opinions too.

The quality was so high and diverse such that 16 pictures had a first place and 26 pictures had points by being a top 3 choice! Incredible.

As previously, a first choice had 3 points, a second choice got 2 points and third was awarded 1 point.

What was seen, as in previous years, was that club judges' favourites and winners did not get a public vote.  

This shows once again that the general public have a different perspective on what appeals compared to photographic judges, and that if creating images the final audience must be considered too along with technique etc. There was also an obvious difference in choice depending on the age of the voter, so another point to consider for photographers.

So, the final result following chasing the CEO of Petrofer globally for his vote, and breaking a deadlock at the top, is:

In third place was a tie on 12 points with “Roller Landing”, Red Squirrel” and “King and Gentoo penguin dispute”. However, as the penguins had more first place votes they take the overall Third Place.

In second place with 14 points was “It’s mine!”

So the winner of the 2023/2024 Petrofer Trophy was “Northland” by David Travis with 16 points. Showing how close the voting was at the top.

Well done David!


***Club / Photographer copyright only***


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